the world's first erasable T-Shirtthe Apple iPod allowed you to store 1000 songs in your pocketthe CANVUS allows you to wear 10- 100+ Graphic T-Shirts with a single CANVUS Texpress yourself in minutes
waiting days for a new T-Shirt
memes + slogans + jokes + NFTs + art + etclower your carbon footprint by 12x
+ lower your water footprint by 100x
Welcome to the Future of Apparel


thanks to our 'magic chemistry' you can print any design via the LIGHT PRINTER + erase when you don't want it anymoreeach printed design lasts about 6 - 12 hours at night or late evenings (doesn't work in the daytime or outdoors in the sunlight yet)reprint again when you want a new designWelcome to the Future of Apparel



This T-Shirt is straight from the future! I love that I can print any design in a sustainable fashion!

This is so cool! I can literally wear a new meme everyday!


Hi - I'm Raj - Founder + CEO of CANVUS and here's our story:When I was couch surfing with no washer / dryer - I wanted to wear my favorite Graphic T-Shirt - couldn’t find it because it was dirty. Got me thinking: why do I have 50 graphic T-Shirts? What if we could digitize the designs - like Kindle digitized books - and just print these T-Shirt designs as we needed?
More convenient + less waste.
CANVUS was born.
Now Raj is working on this world-changing tech to make erasable + color-changing Ts to de-carbonize the apparel industry + digitize your closet.Welcome to the Future of Apparel

*product in beta

Thank you

CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR PRE-ORDER INSTRUCTIONS OR SEE BELOWNow it's time for you to pre-order: HERE TO GO TO OUR ONLINE STOREHow to pre-order:1. Add the 'CANVUS T' in the size you want to your cart. All sizes are in USA unisex sizing.2. Go to the 'DESIGNS' tab above in the heading and add to cart up to 4 designs. These are FREE for the first 100 pre-orders.3. Proceed to put in your address for shipping and type in your discount code (FFC100) before you pay (in the payment section) to get the discount applied. Shipping will be FREE for the first 100 pre-orders with the discount code (FFC100). You also have the option to pay in full or via 4 separate payments through Shopify Pay.Note that you will be charged fully upfront for the pre-order and we will ship 3 - 6 weeks after the order is processed as the first 100 units are made-to-order. If you’d like a refund, feel free to email us.Email us at if you have any issues or questions :)Thanks so much :D

made with love in the USA

5000 Gulf Frwy
Houston, TX 77024


  • 1. Lay the CANVUS T on a flat surface and flatten it out.

  • 2. Take a design mask and align it as perfectly as possible to the canvas print area.

  • 3. Take the rectangular shirt flattener plastic sheet and align it above the design mask to flatten the printing area. Push it down firmly to make sure the entire canvas printing area is now flat.

  • Make sure to have taken off the blue plastic protective film before using it.

  • 4. Take the CANVUS LIGHT PRINTER and align it directly above the design mask and plastic shirt flattener sheet.

  • Press the print button when ready to print.

  • Wait 1 min for the magic to happen :)


  • Straight from the future.

  • Now take off the printer, shirt flattener sheet, and the design mask. You're ready to show the world your new superpowers :)

  • 6. When you want to erase it for a new design, just use the LIGHT ERASER and erase portions of it in 10 - 20 min intervals.

  • A normal erasing session will take 30 - 45 min.

  • We're working on new hardware that'll make this much faster and easier.

  • If you have any questions, need any help with using the CANVUS T, or have any feedback please do email us anytime at:


  • Welcome to the Future of Apparel :)